"Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams."


"Advance confidently in the direction of your dreams." ~ Thoreau


When I saw this small creature's track on the sand, I thought:

You are my people.

The thoughts on these pages are the result of many years of circling, paths taken, doubled back on, then resumed along a slightly different arc.  I've spent over a quarter century now watching some magnificent human beings growing up in and out, but mostly out, of school, mostly according to a philosophy variably known as unschooling, deschooling, life learning, or self-directed learning. All of which pretty much just mean life.  Without school.  They have taught me a lot, been witness to and recipients of some of my greatest blunders (as my daughter said to me one day when she was about nine, I try to remind myself that you're just a young inexperienced mother), and sources of a joy more boundless than I had thought possible.

Slow learning. (Another name for unschooling.)

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Carol Black in 2008.

Carol Black is a writer and filmmaker, director of the documentary film Schooling the World. She studied literature and education at Swarthmore College and UCLA, and for the past twenty-five years has been deeply involved in the unschooling and alternative education movements as a parent and activist.  She has two grown daughters, neither of whom has ever taken a standardized test.